Angus had yearned to return to the country to build his own farming legacy, whilst Alex had always dreamed of owning a vineyard.  

Then, like a bolt from the blue, fate swept in and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. A vineyard in Pokolbin on the famed Hermitage Road came up for sale. 

They realized this could be the fulfilment of a dream… The storied Hunter Valley. A new, pioneering spirit to the legacy of the region. His farming. Her sales and marketing. Their drive. The vision – to build a diverse and sustainable farming enterprise and a legacy for their children. The opportunity was there for the taking… And so they did!

Creating their own wine brand was just the beginning for Drury Lane Estate. There is an on-site cellar door currently in the works, with plans to open in the latter half of 2023. Angus has fully renovated the 3 bedroom managers’ residence on the property which is now available for accommodation bookings through Hunter Valley Stays. And last, but not least, the pair is actively building their herd of cattle with the aim to bring their own boutique beef label to market, coupling it with their wines for a tasty monthly members pack!


Drury: (n) ‘love’, ‘friendship’

With roots in old French that mean love and friendship, our namesake pays homage to the family name of co-founder Alexandra.

The whippet dog that features on all the Drury Lane wine labels is derived from the Drury family crest.

Our Values

The qualities at the core of everything we do — past, present, and future.

Sustainable farming

We believe it is our responsibility to help nurture the land and pass it on in a better condition, creating value and security for generations to come.   


Quality Craftsmanship

We believe quality comes from high-touch attention to detail in small-batches. Every wine tells a story about where it came from and the people who made it.


We believe in staying true to, consistent with, and pure in our products, values and spirit regardless of the pressures that we’re under to act otherwise.


Defying Expectations

We believe the key to innovation is challenging the status quo. It allows you to evaluate how you do things and consider new and better ways.